Marketing in GenZ World

This is Raj.

Raj is a teenage guy who spends most of his free time browsing the internet, playing online games, and wasting his time on maintaining his streaks with at least 120 people on Snapchat.

One day Raj’s mother asked him to find a good Clothing shop near their home as the one where she regularly shopped didn’t have the clothes she was looking for.

Raj took out his smartphone and googled “good clothing stores near me”

Google came up with a list of at least 5–6 clothing stores.

Raj quickly scanned through the list and checked the things like the store’s review, it's operational timing, and also their locations.

Within a matter of minutes, he messaged the store’s address to his Mom and went back to his Time wasting schedule.

The very same day, Raj’s Mom went shopping at the store that Raj had suggested through his phone and she was very happy about it.

Raj and many people of his age are part of a new generation called Generation Z, which are forcing the Marketers to change their Traditional Marketing approach.

What is GenZ and why do they matter?

Gen Z are the people who are aged between 6–24.

According to one article in Business Insider, the Gen Z includes 27% of the total population of India.

Until a few years ago, whenever any company had to market the products they used to put its advertisement on Newspapers, Television, or pamphlets.

Big Billboards were an integral part of any high budgeted marketing strategies.

This kind of offline marketing strategies, that doesn’t include any online activities are called Traditional Marketing.

But the arrival of the internet changed the way people shopped for their products. People started spending most of their time on the internet.

Whenever they felt like purchasing any product or getting any service, they hit the internet to get the information on it.

Call it peer pressure or just ease of shopping, the older generation started feeling the need to buy products online.

With rise of internet a new type of Marketing came into the scenario.

Previously when people had to purchase any products they used to go to the physical stores and bought products. But with the rise of the internet, people from all around the world came more closer to each other.

At the start, the internet was only used as a way of sharing information, but slowly and steadily people started exchanging stuff on the internet.

Companies saw the benefit of this exchange and started selling their products online. But selling on the internet became more and more difficult.

In this vast ocean of the internet, companies were not able to figure out how to find an audience who will like and purchase their products.

Thus the Digital Marketing came into the scene. With the help of Digital Marketing, marketers were able to sell their products to people who were in another part of the world.

The best part about Digital Marketing is that we can get quick results through it. The amount of money spent on Digital Advertisement is much lesser than what we spent on Traditional Marketing.

Unlike Traditional Marketing, here we can see who is watching our ads and the marketers can decide who will see their ads. This not only helps them save more money but are able to reach the customers on an intimate level.

But the downside of Online Marketing is that people for whom we market are not able to understand this concept completely.

Since the majority of these people didn’t have enough time or knowledge to learn these things, they started turning to their younger ones(like in the case of Raj’s Mom).

In most cases, the GenZ people are the ones who influence the buying decisions of their elders(be it their parents or some other relatives).

But just because they are a bunch of Younger generations don’t think that it’s easy to convince them into buying your products.

The amount of time they have spent online on social media has helped them in developing one unique ability called Bullshit Radars.

Using these BS Radars, within a matter of seconds they can tell whether you are actually being helpful or you are just trying to sell them your products.

But don’t worry, as I mentioned before, Humans have hardly changed so if you are genuine with your tactics it won’t be hard to make a sale.

One of the best marketing strategies to convince them is CATT.

CATT Marketing Funnel

The end goal of any marketing strategy is to make a sale. But to do that you have to gain the trust of your target customers.

You have to make a relationship with your customers, for them to trust you.

And to do that, you have to follow certain steps.

These steps are called funnels in marketing language.

Using these funnels you can create a pathway for your customers, which will take them on a journey, and in most cases, the destination is your product’s billing phase.

This journey is also referred to as a customer’s journey.

One of the most popular among these funnels is CATT Funnel.

The CATT stands for Content, Attention, Trust, and Transaction.

First, let me tell you the basic working of this funnel:

Firstly we have to create content that will grab the customer’s attention.

After that, we have to gain their trust and make them comfortable around your brand which will also help you make a connection with them.

The last step is simple. Use that connection and seal the transaction.

Using these four things you can create a marketing funnel that will help you sell the products.

Let me tell you a real-world scenario of this funnel

On his parents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary James decided to surprise them by singing their favorite song while playing guitar.

But the problem was, he neither knew how to play guitar nor had bought one before.

To solve his problem, he turned to the internet.

While browsing he saw that many websites were offering guitars at a great price.

During his search process, he came across the blog which was titled — 10 things to look for while buying a guitar.

That blog made him understand what are the most important things that one should consider while buying a Guitar.

After reading that blog he understood which guitar to buy.

But there was still one thing left. He wanted to learn how to play it.

Luckily for him, the person who wrote that Guitar blog was offering a short course for beginners. There was a link for his course which consisted of a short video that showed the content of that course.

Since James was going to look for one, he was happy that he found this blog which solved both of his problems in a single go.

James purchased that course along with the guitar.

Now tell me one thing, do you think that James finding that Course link at the end of the blog was just luck or a well-planned marketing funnel.

If you think that it’s the latter, then you are right.

Let me explain the whole funnel that James went through to make a purchase.

Content: At the start of the process, James was looking to buy a guitar, and then he came across this blog which taught him to buy one.

Attention: The author used the blog to grab James’s attention.

Trust: The author used that blog to create trust between them.

Transaction: In the end, James purchased the course which taught him how to play the guitar.

How can we become so sure that this funnel will work?

The person who created this funnel had one thing in mind and that was, to target people who didn’t even know how to purchase a guitar.

If a person doesn’t know how to purchase a guitar, it’s less likely that they know how to play one.

Using this theory, the author created the blog and posted a course link at the bottom with a short introductory video.

In this way, the blog helped him make a sale.

How was the Author able to turn his funnel into a working Model?

The author of that blog used what we call, Integrated Digital Marketing.

Using Integrated Digital Marketing we use all the components of Digital Marketing like SEO, Ads, Content Marketing, and many more, in such a way that they complement each other.

Like in the Guitar Blog case, the author must have used SEO to determine keywords that users would have typed to search certain queries.

He may have used Ads to rank higher on the search page and designed the blog in such a way that it satisfied the user’s need.

Using Integrated Digital Marketing one can create a successful Marketing Strategy.

Is doing all these enough for your company’s marketing strategy?

Marketing was always an integral part of any company, but another important thing that is on the rise in today’s time is Personal Branding.

The customers who purchase our products are Humans, and to convince them you need to gain their trust.

But people won’t trust you unless they know about you. And that’s where Personal Branding comes into the picture.

Imagine a CEO of a company shares expertise with you, showing you how much he knows about your problems and shows you ways to solve them.

That CEO also interacts with you daily and tells you a first-hand account about those things that are happening in his/her company.

You won’t only trust his words but also trust his company.

The best example of a businessman who promotes Personal Branding is Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla.

You will be surprised to know that Tesla hardly spends their money on Advertising their products because all those things are already done by their CEO.

Personal Branding is that tool that not only helps you to gain the trust of your customers but also helps you in creating authority in the market.

Like the name, Elon Musk is synonymous with Self Driving Cars and Mission Mars.

What’s the best way to build a Personal Brand?

Building a personal brand is not that complicated if you know how to do it.

Let me share with you a blueprint that will help you create a personal brand.

First, learn about the things you are interested in then work in that domain and gain some experience.

After you have gained enough knowledge through your work share your knowledge through a blog and build authority.

After that try consulting on some freelancing projects and when you are confident enough that you have learned most of the things available in that domain, go mentor people.

Using this blueprint you can also open your own company and provide services through it and if you already have a company then just apply for other things and make a name for yourself through it.

With this, I want to conclude my article. Just remember Marketing is easy to work if you remember that the one whom you are selling your products to is a fellow human.